As part of the project, a set of four intellectual results was developed in the form of tools (interfaces, applications) enabling the implementation of selected (key in the area of electrical engineering, automation and mechatronics) laboratory classes in a remote form, emulated in such a way as to reflect, to the greatest possible extent, classes conducted in person. in a given laboratory and ensured appropriate student interaction (the ability to influence the course and results of the laboratory exercise). These results were achieved by using appropriate IT tools, using real laboratory equipment adapted as part of the project for remote control, and multimedia materials, including virtual reality elements and applications, implemented in laboratory conditions.

The project developed four main intellectual results, marked as O1 – O4, concerning four different thematic laboratories: mechatronics, power electronics, virtual reality and measurement technology. A detailed description of individual laboratories is provided below, along with information on access to individual teaching platforms by external users.

Output O1 – Remote lab of mechatronicsmore

Output O2 – Remote power electronics labmore

Output O3 – Lab of Virtual Realitymore

Output O4 – Remote Lab for Measurements and Sensorsmore