The project is an international initiative containing a set of innovative and educational activities devoted to achieve proper quality of teaching of practical classes at technical universities and in technical secondary schools. The project was primarily intended to counteract the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education process at technical universities. Because of pandemic many countries decided to introduce classes realized in remote way. In case of practical classes, most of them were at the beginning realized only as a theory or simulations. Such an education is not effective in area of engineering. Teaching of practical aspects require proper preparation of laboratories, materials and teacher. It is therefore necessary to prepare required resources (labs, materials) to be adapted to carry out practical classes during remote education and allow to teach practical aspects of engineering. Under the project a set of hardware and digital laboratory tools adapted for remote education were developed in the field of electrical engineering, mechatronics and automation and related fields. The ready set of educational tools allow to carry out practical exercises in a manner almost identical to that in study in person in the laboratory. An important aspect is also the ability to use developed tools in education in the future, when the classes will be realized as contact ones. The project results will be used for international education with students from external universities and schools participating at different form of study exchange (like integrated studies), without the necessity to go to foreign university.