Kick-off meeting

The first meeting of the coordinators (so-called pre-kick-off meeting) has been organized as the online teleconference and took place on March 31, 2021. Coordinators agreed on the basic assumptions for the project realization, discussed the required project documentation and planned the first stage of project activities.

The first meeting of coordinators in the contact form was organized in Giessen, Germany on October 24-27, 2021. The host partner was THM and it was conducted by prof. Rafael Greszczynski together with prof. Marius Klytta, the coordinator of the CUCEE network – the meeting was a joint event with the traditional autumn partnership meeting of the CUCEE network (Cooperation of Universities in Central and Eastern Europe

The essential part of the meeting took place on October 25 and 26, 2021. On the first day, new members of the network had the opportunity to visit labs and facility for research and teaching of the host university. The CUCEE coordinators participated a network working meeting. During this session, there was also a meeting with the Vice President of THM, prof. Olaf Berger. In the afternoon, the participants of the meeting visited the city as a guided tour.

The second day was devoted to the working session on the project progress. In the first part, the participants presented to each other their potential in research and teaching. A slightly more extensive presentation in this part was provided by a “new” partner in this community, namely University Politehnica Timisoara. It was presented by prof. Marian Greconici. The second part of the meeting was devoted to presenting the progress in developing the intellectual outputs of the project. Relevant reports were presented by coordinators of tasks in leading partner for a given output. The last part of the meeting, conducted by the project leader, prof. Mariusz Stępień, was devoted to administrative aspects and plans for forthcoming events of the project. The meeting was concluded with a gala dinner, with participation of the staff of the International Relations Department of the THM, supporting the project realization.